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Hair loss treatment for women

The CosmeSurge Centers are providing women with stylish and undetectable non-surgical hair solutions to help restore their sense of well-being.

Hair loss in women is a more common problem that people might think.  Hair regrowth products for women and hair regrowth solutions are a multibillion Dollar industry that is full of unscrupulous operators.  It is also a more complicated issue than it is for men. Not only do women generally lose their hair in different ways than men, the social implications of it are far more difficult. Women do not generally expect to ever lose their hair. So when she begins to lose that aspect of her character that makes her distinctively feminine, the emotional toll can be devastating.

We understand what women are experiencing. We are proud of our industry-leading non-surgical hair solutions for women. We have helped women to regain their lives and restore their self-image along with their natural appearance. There are solutions to your hair loss condition. You can have your life back. When you look in the mirror you can see yourself again.

CosmeSurge is proud to be the innovators of state-of-the-art hair solutions for women, We first start by investigation the reasons for hair loss. Thyroid problems, anemia, depression, protein deficiency due to unsupervised and unbalanced diets are just a few examples of reversible and easy to fix problems. There are hundreds of medical treatments on the market for genetic hair loss (male pattern baldness) which is behind 70% of hair loss in women.  But the only scientifically valid ones are the ones using Minoxidil. Our dermatologists can recommend the best form for you. The treatments must be maintained for life. They can also be delivered through tiny injections (mesotherapy).  The ultimate and final solution is with our natural-looking and undetectable hair transplantation. (See before and after pictures below)


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