Hair Restoration for Class 4 Patients

Hair Transplantation - CosmeSurge Results

norwood_class_4CosmeSurge hair transplants can help people experiencing virtually every level of hair loss. Click here to learn more about the different classifications of hair loss, or select a patient to read about his experience with thinning hair and his new CosmeSurge hair restoration results.



Mark Morgan, estate planner
“With the mindset of an estate planner, I took what I know about investments and applied them to hair restoration—return on investment, safety, etc. The CosmeSurge Medical procedure has a phenomenal track record and now I know it is permanent! I tell everyone that my experience was customer-service oriented and professional. If you want back the hair you once enjoyed, without reservation I encourage you to just call.”

Patient: D.B.


Patient: D.B.
“Except for my wife, no one ever saw me without a hat for ten years. I missed out on way too much in my life. Taking action at CosmeSurge changed my life and I’m a lot more comfortable with myself. I want to show off my beautiful head of hair. I now realize that there is no such thing as a problem, only a solution—and I found mine with CosmeSurge.”

Patient: B.H.


Bryce Hach
“I feel absolutely great about my hair transplant procedures. After going into the consultation appointment and recognizing how professional and personable the staff was, I knew that this is where I wanted to go. The grafts took a number of months to completely grow in, but I was looking at the procedures as a long-term investment—and an investment that got better and better after each one. I would be frightened to know what I would look like today had I never done them. They have changed my life in many subtle ways, which have a large accumulative effect. How I interact with old friends, new faces, colleagues, and the opposite sex—all have been dramatically affected. When I know I look good, I tend to be more assertive than when I don’t think I do. Getting my hair back at CosmeSurge gave that self-esteem back again. End of story.”

Patient: L.T.


Patient: R.C.



Patient: M.R.


Patient: M.R.
“I started losing my hair in my thirties. My kids were constantly teasing me about the “little island of hair” on the front of my head. I wanted to do something about my appearance. However, after observing men with ill-fitting hairpieces, I concluded this was not for me. I tried ROGAINE® but it did nothing to help. My outlook changed when I saw the CosmeSurge infomercial. The transplant procedures were no more painful or inconvenient than a trip to the dentist and I started to see results more quickly than I expected. After a year, darn near every person who knew me when I was balding could not believe the procedure worked so well. Today, people I meet for the first time never suspect that I’ve had my hair restored (unless my kids tell them).”


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