Hair Restoration for Class 5 Patients

Hair Transplantation - CosmeSurge Results
norwood_class_5CosmeSurge hair transplants can help people experiencing virtually every level of hair loss. Click here to learn more about the different classifications of hair loss, or select a patient to read about his experience with thinning hair and his new CosmeSurge hair restoration results.

Patient: P.A.


Patient: P.A.
“Discovering CosmeSurge has changed my life. Only somebody who's going through what I was going through could understand. I tried so hard to stay healthy and maintain my youth, but I couldn't stop time and baldness. Since CosmeSurge restored my hair, I can see it getting thicker again, instead of thinner. CosmeSurge has given me back my youth and self-confidence.”

Patient: D.D.


Patient: D.D.

“I experienced significant hair loss in my twenties and thirties (in fact, it started at age 15!). It was a slow, progressive process and I assumed that being bald was my final destination, just like my dad. I thought the best solution was a toupee and I eventually felt that I needed another option where I wouldn"t be "found out." After choosing hair transplantation, hair loss is not something I need to think about anymore. My ultimate solution is a permanent one and I don't look back. There is a tremendous difference in me now physically and emotionally. I"m whole again.”

Patient: H.P.


Patient: H.P.
“CosmeSurge helped me turn back the clock on aging. I am more confident as a businessman and around friends and family. I am extremely pleased with the attention to detail and the professionalism of the CosmeSurge team. I have only one regret: I should have done it sooner!”

Patient: S.A.



Patient: T.J.




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