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At CosmeSurge, hair transplantation is a simple, outpatient procedure. 

Here's a snapshot of a typical patient's day.

  1. Your procedure plan

    Your physician will confirm your specific goals and plan for your procedure – including artistic considerations.


  2. Anesthesia and donor hair removal

    Once your plan is confirmed, you will receive local anesthetic and your physician will remove the donor strip. The donor area is then sutured; this will usually leave a thin scar that is easily concealed by the remaining hair.


  3. Separation of follicular units

    Our skilled surgical staff divides the donor strip into its follicular groupings, or units, each containing one, two, three or four hair follicles (a much more refined technique than plugs).


  4. Preparing the recipient sites

    You’ll receive local anesthesia in the recipient area of your scalp and your CosmeSurge physician makes a tiny incision for each individual follicular unit. The detailed attention to location, depth and angle ensures a completely natural-looking hairline and graft area.


  5. Placement of grafts

    Under the direction of your CosmeSurge physician, the surgical staff places the grafts into the donor sites. One- and two-hair follicular units are placed in front, while three- and four-hair follicular units are placed at the top and back for maximum coverage and density. See the natural results using our hairline magnifier.

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