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Follicular unit transplant has become the new standard in hair restoration over the last few years in the field of hair transplantation. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) uses hair graft units in their natural grouping for hair transplants. Follicular units consist of one to four terminal hair follicles.  

Other than normal hair follicles, each follicular unit consists of sebaceous (oil) glands, a small muscle, tiny nerves and small blood vessels. Every follicular unit is covered by the surrounding sheath that is mainly made of a protein (collagen).   

A follicular unit is not only an anatomic unit, but a physiologic one. Preserving other important structures in a follicular unit helps that each hair functions normally and looks natural. This is the basis for modern hair transplant, in which the natural and undetectable results is expected with every hair transplant surgery.

Follicular Hair Transplant: The natural results

Follicular hair transplant is becoming the standard hair transplant procedure because of its natural look and functionality. One reason for its natural look is due to the fact that the surgeon has more control on the direction of the follicular grafts. Hair transplant surgeon can place follicular units in the exact natural direction and distribution.

In comparison, old techniques of micro-graft, mini-graft or plugs leaves surgeons very little to no control on the distribution and direction of each follicular unit and the way the hair units are located in the donor area dictates their final direction after hair transplant.


Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery


One Day Before Surgery

Dr. Afif designs a new, natural hairline to create a non-balding appearance.


Ten Days Following Surgery

The staples are removed at this phase. Some or all implanted hair will fall out and the hair follicles go to resting (telogen) phase. However, the implanted follicles will begin growing normal hair in a few months..


Three Months after Hair Transplant Surgery

Gradual growth of hair follicles is seen at this phase. The follicles will be all out growing by six months after a hair transplant surgery. However, it may take over twelve months until you can see them in their best shape and size.


Eight Months after Hair Transplant Surgery

All transplanted hairs are grown by this time. Hair shafts may not be to their final length and pigmentation yet. Patients may need 10 to 18 months from the time of their surgery to be able to see the final result based upon the quality of transplanted hair and the style of their hair.


Exclusive FUT

The problem with follicular hair transplant is that it can only be performed when both surgeon and surgical assistants have proper training and skills. Even with skilled personnel, follicular unit hair transplants are laborious, and time consuming. Results of hair transplant surgery have greatly improved after the introduction of the stereoscopic microscope and its use in harvesting hair grafts. Studies showed that the increased magnification can greatly improve the quality of the grafts and maximize the yield of intact healthy hair.


Another added benefit is that due to the small size of the hair grafts in this transplant there is little to no scarring of the tissue.

Follicular unit transplant surgery can also provide a more luxurious head of hair due to minimizing damage to the hair follicles. Hair grafts in this technique can be placed very close to each other producing adequate density with more even distribution.

A natural looking hairline is another advantage of follicular unit transplant surgery. Creating a natural looking hairline is a big advantage of using follicular unit transplant instead of mini- or micro-graft in hair transplant centers that exclusively use FUT. 

A regular hair transplant surgery using follicular unit transplant usually takes about 4 to 8 hours depending on the number of grafts and extent of balding area that needs coverage.

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